MDU utilises high end ultrasound technology which can be seen below.

During your scan you will be able to watch the images on a wall mounted flat screen LCD television

The Philips iU22 Ultrasound Machine is a premium shared service ultrasound machine that offers the best image quality possible through xMatrix transducers that offer the best aspects of single-crystal and 4D transducers. The iU22 offers the top of the line image quality and features available for Radiology, OB/GYN, Cardiac, Vascular and even specialty imaging like MSK, Pediatric, and Elastography.

Chison Q5 Ultrasound Machine with presets and calculations for abdominal, OB/GYN, Urology, small parts, pediatrics, vascular, MSK, and cardiac, the Q5 provides solid image quality and versatility. The new Q5 features color, PW, Power, and Directional Power Doppler modes. It also has 4D obstetric imaging available.