3D/4D Baby Scans

Under current government guidelines one person or partner only may accompany you for your scan.


3D/4D Baby Scan also known as 3D Scan

(26 – 32 weeks)

Price: €150 

*No discounts apply to this scan

Patient Preparation

You do not require a full bladder for this scan.

A 3D/4D Baby ultrasound scan takes approximately 45 minutes.

Please note:

  • GP referral is not required for a 3D/4D scan
  • This is not a medical scan and will not check for fetal abnormalities
  • No scan results will be sent to your doctor

3D Ultrasound uses a technique to produce a three-dimensional picture – width, height and depth of an image.
These 3D pictures give a more lifelike appearance compared to normal ultrasound images.
4D Ultrasound produces a 3D images but allows visualisation in real time ie. Movement as it happens. The 3D images
moves as the baby moves to give a “live action” real-life image of the baby. This allows a clear image of the baby showing
facial, body and limb features.

This scan includes:

  • 15 coloured photos
  • 15 Black and White photos
  • 15 – 20 minute DVD in a presentation folder
  • You can also find out the sex of your baby on this scan

*These scans are carried out at our 3D/ 4D Baby Clinic on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5.15pm to 8:00pm*

MDU 4D fetus MDU fetal face scan

Here are some frequently asked questions about 3D/4D Baby Scans

Q: When can I have my 3D/ 4D scan?

A: The best time to have a scan is between 24 – 30 weeks gestation.

Q: What will I see?

A: To enhance your viewing experience you will be able to watch the scan on a wall mounted flat screen LCD television.
You will see a 3 dimensional picture of your baby’s face, body and limbs. You may also see baby yawning and other
facial expressions. Occasionally the baby’s position may limit visualisation but the sonographer will work through
this situation with you.

Q: How long does 3D/4D appointment last?

A: The scan will last approximately half an hour depending on the position of the fetus.

Q: Will the 3D/4D check for problems with the baby?

A: No. The 3D/4D scan is not intended to diagnose problems with the pregnancy. It is to provide images of the baby only.
It does not replace your hospital or medical scan.

Q: Will I be able to find out the sex of my baby?

A: If you wish to find out the sex of the baby this will be determined for you. Keep in mind that the position of the baby is
highly dependent on the ease / accuracy in which this can be done.

Q: What preparation do I need for by 3D/4D scan?

A: There is no need for a full bladder. However it is best if your bladder is not empty so refrain from the toilet for 1 hour
prior to the appointment if possible. It may help to eat something such as chocolate or soft drink thirty minutes prior
to the scan.

Q: Will the scan always be successful?

A: Every effort is made to provide the best possible images. However, image quality may vary depending on baby position,
baby’s age and the mother’s condition. Occasionally the baby may lie in a difficult position which will limit the visualisation
of some structures. In this case you will be rescheduled for another scan at no extra cost.

Q: Can I have a 3D/4D scan of twins?

A: Yes. The best time for this scan is 23 to 25 weeks and takes one hour.

Scan Price

€150 Scan Price

*No discounts apply to this scan

Please call the clinic if you have any queries, we would be happy to help you.