Fertility Scan

Follicle Tracking

What are follicles?

Follicles are small sacs of fluid that normally occur on the ovaries. These sacs of fluid are sometimes also called
cysts and contain the eggs used at the beginning of pregnancy at conception. Usually once a month one of these follicles
get larger, bursts and expels the egg at which time conception may occur and a pregnancy results.


  • Follicle tracking is used to follow the progress of these follicles as they change during the monthly cycle.
  • Several scans may be undertaken to note how these follicles change over time; their number and if
    ovulation has occurred.
  • These scans are done at certain times of the menstrual cycle and are done every couple of days as per
    your doctor’s requests.
  • The thickness of the Endometrium and the lining of the womb is also assessed.
  • A transvaginal scan is necessary to accurately investigate the ovaries and endometrium.
    You will find further information regarding the transvaginal or internal scan here.
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Please call the clinic for more information on this scan.